X2 emv software without function 2023

x2 EMV software without function 2023  – The big software scam

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In the meantime there are countless reports that all x2 emv software versions 2023 (except the x2 MKF developer version) are without function. Nevertheless, we receive many reports about buyers who have been cheated with such old software offers.

Buyers are being deceived with names like “all in one” x2 2023″. In fact, completely outdated Crack x2 software versions are being sold without any functions, unless the buyer receives anything at all.
Ebay blocked all X2 emv software offers worldwide months ago. We reported about it. Many scam sellers have therefore switched to Telegram, YouTube and Tiktok.

The scam offers can always be recognized by the dirty-looking channels that are intended to give the impression of hackers. Cheaply copied screenshots are listed as proofs.
Of course, these are not hackers, but rather fraudulent buyers of EMV software who want to resell their non-functioning old crack software.
The scam providers are usually located in third world countries where the few sales that are generated are worthwhile because of the poverty in the country.
Even if the sales of the individual Sacm providers are not worthwhile, the large number of scam sellers is a problem. 98% of all EMV offers are scams and very few professional EMV sellers who offer real software versions are known.

Please also note our other reports on the subject of EMV and follow our EMV Scam Seller lists, which are constantly updated.

All x2 software versions except x2 MKF versions are always scam. Please note that there are other emv scam sellers that have not yet been reported. You can always recognize them by the fact that they are offered old x2 software crack versions.